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Sharing our 20-year Medtech expertise 

Supporting innovation in medical devices & services 

Having completed the entire cycle, encompassing product development, AI training, production setup, and product commercialization, our extensive experience positions us to provide valuable contributions to other projects & funds.

It is estimated that 75% of Medtech start-ups fail mainly due issues with building, testing or marketing their device or service. 

"Drawing from our successes and setbacks in product development and launches, we comprehend the key constraints at each stage and can offer preliminary solutions to prevent unnecessary mistakes or expenses."








Pre-clinical & clinical evaluation of strategy & protocols. Strategic guidance. Review of medical AI training and product development processes. Resource optimization.

Development of market testing protocols for investment and marketing purposes. Identifying new opportunities and limitations. Implementing HRV to improve POC.

Market entry strategy evaluation and development. Identification of key constraints and risk analysis. Market research and network expansion. Product release support.

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