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Next Generation
Health Risk 
Prevention Device

Health management
Proven by Science

KOLIBRI is an AI based, handheld health screening medical device that allows users to manage and improve their health, as well as prevent health risks at their early stages. ​

Expected 2024-2025


Clinical grade heart rate variability (HRV)
Blood & Metabolism parameters

Detection of risk of diabetes type 2

Detection of 20 cardiac pathologies 

Big health problems always start with little things.



Early health risks
Health state
Burnout risk
ANS abnormalities
Stress resilience
Cognitive performance
Always easier to prevent than to deal with a problem when it is already there.

Insight into analytics

Health Resources

Resources your body uses on a daily basis to sustain wellbeing. Stress and health problems drain your resources forcing your body to tap into resources. Once resources are depleted, health issues start to occur.



Analysis of parasympathetic activity, which directly correlates with stress resiliency and has a direct impact on our memory, cognitive performance, and focus.


Autonomic Nervous system balance allows better workload and stress management to avoid burnout, improve sleep, recovery and understand when your body needs a ret to function properly.

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