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Assembling breakthroughs in Diagnostics in a single device.

Enabling a personalized approach to healthcare.

After a decade of dedicated research and development, during which we successfully addressed some of the most significant hurdles in sensor-based diagnostic devices, KOLIBRI is proud to introduce cutting-edge health screening and preventive capabilities to the medical community and individuals for personal use.

Health & Stress indicators          Complete Blood Count (8

Electrolyte metabolism (3)          Glucose (1)

Lipid Metabolism (4)                   ECG morphology (10)

Heart Rate Variability (27)          Cardiac health risks (20)

Risk of Diabetes 2 (1)

A simple test process to achieve advanced outcomes

Test is done by holding the device between your palms for 1 - 5 minutes. Medical clips available.

User-interaction function of the UI:

  • Display and interpretations of results.

  • Personalized analytics (When results mean and what to do next).

  • Connection to doctor (optional).

  • Wellbeing recommendations based on result trends.

Technology insights

Clinical Heart Rate Variability

With a combination of hardware and test processing methods, KOLIBRI is able to detect medically accepted HRV parameters, which are recognised to be correlated with individual’s health state and stress levels.

Why KOLIBRI HRV stands out?

  • Follows medically accepted standards to correctly track ANS changes for lifestyle and pathologies.

  • Can be used for decision making by people and doctors.

  • Most in-depth, personalized analytics adds value and practicality.

  • Science based recommendations to guide the user to better health.

Blood & Metabolism parameters

Just as any liquid flowing through a tube leaves an impact on the tube itself, blood composition has an impact on the heart and therefore heart activity. We have invented a unique method (Patented) to quantifiably determine blood & metabolism parameters using our AI from a single+ lead ECG.

Non-cardiac pathologies

Each cardiac and non-cardiac pathology has a unique impact on our heart. We are able to pick up and classify these traces to distinguish between different pathologies and other health risks. Our first push into this category resulted in development of detection of risks of Diabetes type 2 and Iron deficiency anaemia. Current method opens up massive diagnostic potential, including virology, organ states, dental, oncology, mental health, autoimmune, etc. 

Risk reduction mechanisms

To enable current technology to be used in a non-controlled personal-use consumer environment, we have invented a unique signal analysis method that is capable of determining the acceptable signal quality and noise ratios. If the system will determine that there is a high chance that the current test will produce in-accurate results, the results will not be displayed and the user will be asked to repeat the test. 

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